Un-Stuff Your Wallet

As part of my uber-plan to uber-organize and keep only what is necessary in the most efficient place possible, I decided to tackle the big bulge in my wallet.  No, not from all the money I’m saving from couponing and dealing hunting – but from the massive stack of cards.

They aren’t even credit cards (I have only one – yes, one – and I don’t even carry it with me).  I have a vast collection of ‘rewards’ cards from various supermarkets, department stores, boutiques, salons, restaurants, supply houses – even a chocolatier  (you think I was going to pass up a chance to get a free truffle from Godiva every month??)  They’re useful.  They save me money.  They get me free stuff when I’ve earned enough ‘reward’ points.  But my collection had grown out of control to where I didn’t have enough slots in my wallet to fit them all, thus having to stack them in the middle section of my wallet, resulting in an unsightly bulge when I closed my wallet shut.

What was I to do?

I couldn’t leave them home – you never know when I had to dash to Sephora for mineral makeup or drop off ink cartridges for recycling at Staples, or to one of three supermarkets that has a 10 oz. can of Chock Full of Nuts on sale for $1.88 and I just happen to have 3/$1.50 off coupons (how can I pass up getting 3 cans of coffee for .38 cents each???)  I also wanted to downsize my wallet to one of those rectangular, hard-shell ones that doesn’t expand – thus forcing you to carry only what’s necessary.  Well…..everything was necessary, so I had to come up with a plan.

I’ve been into black and white lately (with a little red) and found this sweet chevron design hard-case wallet at The Mother Ship (erm, Target).

photo 6



If I wanted to use this, I had to do something about my plethora of cards.  So while perusing the office supply aisle at TMS I saw a package of binder rings.

photo 3


A choir of angels appeared over my head singing praises to my ingenious idea (okay, maybe not THAT ingenious as I’m sure someone, somewhere got this same idea, but I’m coveting it now!)

After I got home from TMS, I immediately pulled everything out of my old wallet.  Aside from paper money and change, I set aside only those cards which would have the honor of residing in my new wallet which consisted of my license, debit card, insurance card and any store credit card which I would need to ‘slide’ through a processor and could not be ‘punched’.  Everything else was about to find a new home.


Although some of these cards had bar codes, numbers and ‘strips’ across the back, none had to be slid through a machine.  So I lined them up to be sure none of those factors would be compromised and inserted them one-by-one into one side of my 2-hole punch, lining them up just so that each hole would be in the same position, and punched.  Viola!

photo 2 (1)

I then took one of the large binder rings and looped them all through.  Viola, part deux:

photo (54)


Now, I was able to weed out two cards – my RiteAid and Walgreens – and upload them to my Passbook on my iPhone as well as downloaded the app for ShopRite, Staples and Panera to my phone and access my cards that way.  I can also utilize the app to peruse coupons and load them right to my card, so that alleviated 5 cards right there.

I have a pocket inside my handbag where I conveniently slip the ring of cards into and pull out only when I visit those establishments, keeping my new wallet free for only those cards I utilize on a daily basis.  Doesn’t it look nice and neat now? Pardon my cell phone post-it covering my license for privacy


photo 5

I love my lighter wallet and think I’m so cool when I flash my phone screen to the cashier to scan the bar code for one of the cards I have in my Passbook or in an app.  Needless to say, it felt really good to purge.

Let me know if this tip helped you.  I’d love to hear from anyone as well as share advice and tricks to stay organized and scheduled!





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