6 Hours Of Standing = A Week of Convenience


For the last three weeks, I’ve been dedicating Sunday afternoon to ‘cooking-palooza’ – whipping up 4-5 supper dishes and even a dessert or two. No, I don’t have a family of five – just hub and I.  But with the warm weather finally here, the last thing I want to do when I come home after working 8-5 is cook.  I want to get changed and churn out a 3.5 – 4 mile power walk without having to rush it in order to come back home and start whipping out pots and pans.  I want to water my plants, pull weeds or just crash on the couch with a cool drink until it’s time for supper.  Yes, it takes a lot of work and careful planning, standing for 5-6 hours on my feet in the kitchen is worth five days of not having to do anything except fill up a dish and pop it in the microwave.

I usually plan out what I want to cook Friday morning during my pre-work routine then check to see what ingredients I already have on hand before compiling a shopping list. A lot of the recipes I make are those that are pinned to my Delicious Dinners board on Pinterest.  I really do love to cook and find it very relaxing and creative when I have the time to do so which is why I don’t mind the Sunday afternoon cook-fest.

Here are five I’ve already tried. The name is linked to the original recipe and the photos are my end results.  All are quite easy to make and require little prep time.  If you’re looking for something different, give one of them a whirl.  I hope you enjoy.



Shepard Style Pork Chops:  I prepared these in a French oven on the stove top before sprinkling the cheese on top then finishing them off in the oven on low to make them fall-apart tender

Shepard Style Pork Chops


Roasted Pork Loin – This could probably also be done in a crock pot, but cooking it in a French oven on low for 3 hours gave it a less watery consistency.  I first dredged it in a seasoned flour mixture and seared on all sides before placing in the pot.  It maintained a nice crispy outer layer and the inside was juicy and SO tender.  And don’t get me started on how absolutely delicious the vegetables were.  They were almost creamy!

Roasted pork loin


Hungarian Goulash – this recipe really blew me away.  The key is making sure you do not substitute the red potatoes for any other.  Their texture is a perfectly compliment to the crispiness o the sausage and the sweetness of the carmelized onions.  This dish didn’t last long

Hungarian Goulash


White  Cheese & Chicken Lasagna – I used a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken that had a lot of flavor in it. I then diced it and folded it into the ricotta so I could distribute it evenly. I also added a little more chicken broth and milk to the sauce as the quantities in the recipe didn’t yield quite that much (my opinion only).  Cook your noodles, thaw out (and squeeze dry with a paper towel) frozen spinach then – happy layering.  My finished product looked really good!

White chicken and cheese lasagna


Moroccan Meatball & CousCous Soup – When I read the recipe and saw that I had to fold tomato paste into the chop meat, I was like….what?  But, oh what flavor it has and it looks as rich and flavorful as it tastes.  And combined with the couscous, it makes for a high-protein, low-fat meal

Meatball couscous soup


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