Frugal Tip – Request Coupons For Products You Love

Purchasing brand names at the grocery store is not mandatory for me.  As a matter of fact, some of the store brand products are just as good – as well as cheaper – than the manufacturer.  However, there are some major brands that hub and I use/enjoy to which the store/generic brand just don’t compare.  And, as a couponer, I loathe, detest, despise – and, in some cases – refuse to pay full price for something.  And if it isn’t on sale and/or I don’t at least have a coupon under .99 (which automatically double in my two major grocery stores) to offset the full cost, it makes me ill.

So what happens when coupons for products we frequently use are few and far between?

Request Coupons

As someone who is a not-so-extreme couponer, I regularly clip Sunday inserts and print free ones online.  Most of the time, the online ones are pretty much the same month after month, with a few interesting ones popping up now and then.  I have more of a variety with the newspaper inserts, but still it’s rare I come across ones for certain products we use.  So upon watching this amazing, instructional video from Southern Savers where she advised either calling or writing to request coupons, I compiled a list of some of the brand name items we use on a frequent basis, went to their website and emailed them.  And got rather swift replies!

This is just a few of who I contacted and already got responses from so you get the idea.  Since this is a ‘tip’ post, I don’t want it to get too lengthy.  But….. 🙂

***Disclaimer:  I have not been approached by any of these manufacturers to promote their products on my blog nor am I receiving any type of monetary compensation.  This is just a list of brand products we frequent (and you might too!) for which I’ve received a positive reply to my inquiry and have included the link to their site if anyone wishes to communicate with them:

Another tip – if you do a lot of online couponing, I’m sure you most likely do this already. But if you’re new to this and don’t want to have your personal emailed besieged (and it will be!) with offers, promos, newsletters, rewards and – eventually – spam, I strongly suggest setting up a free email (Yahoo, Gmail, etc) ONLY for your couponing ventures.  Okay, here we go!

  • Country Crock – We go through at least 2 tubs of this a month.  In addition to buttering bread/toast, stirred in mashed potatoes (which we make a lot of) and on vegetables,  I use it in recipes that don’t require real butter.  It costs an average of $4.49 (for the 2lb 13 oz. container, which I suppose isn’t that pricey considering even my store brand of 1lb of stick butter is a little over $3 per lb.  They (Unilever) responded to my inquiry in 2 days letting me know that a coupon booklet is on it’s way.  It arrived yesterday with not only coupons for CC, but for other Unilever brands such as Dove Soap and Hellman’s Mayo
  • Johnsonville Sausage – Even though I’m Italian, I never cared for sausage.  Mainly because it was my fate to have that very first bite be met with grizzle and fat (blech!)  And, I don’t care for the taste of fennel either – especially whole fennel seeds.  Johnsonville uses ground fennel powder, leaving a very subtle after-taste.  Plus, it’s leaner compared to the ones I’ve tried in the paste.  A 1lb package containing (5) links costs $5.39 (avg) in our grocery store.  On sale, it’s anywhere from $3.99 – $4.49 and I rarely find coupons.  Not anymore.  They replied within a day and I already received two $1.00 off (1) package of sausage.  My grocery store has it on sale this week for $3.99 so I can get two for $2.99!!
  • Lactaid – Again, this is a product hub enjoys more than I.  I don’t drink milk by the glass.  I don’t even eat cereal.  However, give me a nice, hot brownie fresh from the oven and nothing but a nice, cold glass of the white stuff is all that’ll do.  We used to just purchase regular 2% milk, but it would leave hub with unpleasant symptoms.  So we tried the Lactaid (which prices for around $5.49 for a half gallon – and their ‘gallon’ jug isn’t even a full gallon – 96 oz. to be exact).  He loved it and was symptom free.  However, I couldn’t buy it fast enough so we switched to our store brand of lactose-free milk (which was about a $1.25 cheaper and just as good).  But every so often my store has Lactaid on sale.  Coupled with a coupon that doubles would make it an awesome deal to stock up on a few half gallons.  I emailed them and they replied to me that very day with emailed coupons to print off not just for milk, but for chocolate milk, cottage cheese and ice cream.  You just have to sign up with an email address.  They were all under $1.00 so they can double.  Yeah!!
  • Capzasin – This product is from Chattem and just about the only topical, temporary pain relief that helps hub’s arthritis.  But, it’s uber-pricey – $16.99 for a 1.5 oz. tube!  My local Walgreens will, from time-to-time, have an ‘unannounced’ sale on it for $9.99/tube.  Needless to say, I practically clean out the shelves when that happens (I know, bad customer etiquette 😦 )  When I wrote to them explaining hub’s condition and how much it helps, they replied the next day telling me – you guessed – coupons are on their way!
  • Rave Hairspray – We both use this. You can print an instant $.50 coupon right from their site as well as sign up to receive emailed coupons for this and other High Ridge Brands products such as Zest and Coast
  • Boar’s Head Honey Maple Turkey.  Plain and simple, no other turkey will do for hub.  I’ve tried sneaking in other, cheaper brands, but I just can’t fool him.  And you know what – I have to agree with  him.  This turkey is positively delicious with nice, carmelized edges.  However, the price – $9.99/lb!!  And $8.99 – maybe $7.99 when on sale.  When it goes that low I’m all over the deli counter having them slice up an entire slab.  And it freezes wonderfully.  I just place the deli package inside a freezer storage bag.  But sales for this product are few and far between.  Other than for direct distributorship, they don’t have an email for general comments – just a phone number.  So I called and a VERY pleasant young lady answered the phone and put me through to Kate.  She explained that they do not do coupons, but rather give incentives to the stores for sales.  However, after gushing over how much we love this product, but disappointed that our store prices it so high, she asked for my city and state and said she would try to find another local distributor where I can get it cheaper and would call me back.  I was pleasantly surprised by such cheerful, personal service.  And….she called back – as promised – with the names of two local delis that sell this product.  Sadly, they’re priced the same as my supermarket, but I’m still tickled at the outstanding, personalized service of their employees.

Are there any specific brand products you love and frequent?  Look them up online.  Drop them an email. Place a call.  Give them feedback.  Tried something you didn’t care for?  Even negative feedback may garner you coupons in order to try to get you to stick with them.  The worst is that you don’t get a reply and/or coupons.  But you may be pleasantly surprised at what’ll pop up in your inbox or mailbox 🙂


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  1. […] Coupons.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I’m a not-so-extreme couponer.  I don’t think I’ll every score $500 worth of grocers for $6.58.  I just don’t know how they do it so rather than agonize over trying to replicate it, I just stick to my own process.  I have a coupon binder which has sections for each store I frequent as well as for different merchandise categories.  I know a lot of couponing sites tout printing out ALL the coupons because you never know when you can score something for free.  If I spent the 30-40 hours/week some of these extremepouners do then I could take the time to do the math.  But I just follow a few simple rules – I only buy what we need and only print coupons for products we use.  I then peruse the two grocery and 3 pharmacy flyers every Sunday (and Target if I’m feeling ambitious) to see if anything we need that I have a coupon for is on sale.  Also watch for deals in Target where you combine items to get either a $5 or $10 gift card in return as well as CVS where certain product purchases yield Extra Bucks – money you can use during your next purchase.  Yes, it takes a little time to coordinate this, but I assure you it’s less than 30-40 hours!  Don’t come across coupons for stuff you use?  Then request them […]

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