November De-Clutter Challenge – Week #2

Hear that?  That’s the sound of my house taking a huge breath of relief after I relieved it of some of the suffocating junk within. Week #1 was a success and I’m continuing on in Week #2.  Here’s what went:

Nov Declutter Wk #3

Monday November 9th:  Can one have too many trivets and spoon rests?  Why…..yes.  Not any more.  Buh-bye!


Tuesday November 10th:  It’s official – my M-I-L was literally the Queen of Platters.  These were stored in the foyer closet (aka The Holiday Closet, as it had been known when she was alive)  Don’t let me get into what it had looked like back then.  But even after decluttering it after moving in, I noticed that certain dishes were never used – let alone touched.  Boxed them up for Goodwill


Wednesday November 11th:  In addition to platters and bowls, she also collected a myriad of collapsable/folded chairs.  With 20 people she used to host for Thanksgiving, she needed them over the years.  Not anymore.  Now they’re in the basement caked with cobwebs. I had already tossed some back in June.  Here’s another plus a binder filled with old service call faxes.  Pages got dumped – binder going to Goodwill


Thursday November 12th:  I tried to figure out how to keep this and incorporate it into my workout, but I don’t see me using a trampoline.  Regretfully this got tossed in the dumpster before I could take a photo 😦

Friday November 13th:  Papers, knick-knacks and doo-dads from the box containing my M-I-Ls stuff.  I filled up a garbage bag,  then went through the basement to find anything else small and light enough to fit inside until I filled it up.  Along with that, a metal can also went.


Saturday November 14th:  I wasn’t kidding when I said hub was a saver.  He had stashed away an old, mushy pillow as well as a portable chair massager that was broken.  I held onto these long enough, hoping he had forgotten about them.  Too late now – they’re gonesville!


Sunday November 15th.  Ending with the week with……yep, more bowls.  These we took from our neighbor who had moved and wanted to know if we wanted any of their stuff.  I thought these were interesting as they were they ones that came in stackable sizes from a teeny-tiny one to a large one.  Never used them and with all of the bowls I reach for on a regular basis, I most likely never will.  Oh, and a plastic container I used to tote my iced green tea in.  Yes, it’s still good, but the tea-stained plastic, no matter how hard I scrub with a long brush, just won’t get clean.  It squicks me out so it went.imageWeek #3 – you’re in my sights!


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