November De-Clutter Challenge – Week #3

Lost a bit of steam from the momentum I had in Week #1 and Week #2 , but I made sure that, no matter how small or insignificant, something got tossed – every day.

So…..what did I part with in Week #3:

Declutter Week #3

Monday November 16th:  We had to take stuff out of the garage over a year ago to be sheetrocked and some of that stuff is still outside on the side of the house under a tarp.  I’m trying not to let my OCD tendencies fret over the state of the ground underneath, but when we did our fall cleanup last Sunday, I decided to tackle what was under that tarp and do some purging.  The biggest thing that went – a broken, plastic lawn chair.


Tuesday November 17th:  Hub is in HVAC so sometimes we have deliveries come to the house on pallets – which we have quite a collection of.  Well, we’re now down two!



Wednesday November 18th:  We have a two-drawer wooden filing cabinet in the basement where the base of the drawers caved in.  Time to go, but it’s too heavy to toss altogether, so I need to do one piece at a time.  Here’s the bottom drawer that got tossed


Thursday November 19th:  Yep – still haven’t gotten rid of all of those old folding chairs.  Here’s another along with some old clothes of hub’s that are too old and worn to donate


Friday November 20th.  Back when I was living in my apartment, I was really into country collectibles – especially advertising tins.  Found the box we had stored up from the move in the basement.  Most of them are tobacco-centric and are not in any kind of condition or authentic enough to be worth anything.  It was hard parting with these because I really do like them, but I just don’t have anywhere to display them.  (Um…um….okay, so I kept them)  Underneath is more rusted, dented copper pieces.  I probably could open my own collectible consignment shop!



Saturday November 21st:  It’s coming upon that time of the year when we gather documents that are more than 7 years old (thanks, IRS, for making me keep 7 years of paper clutter!) to prep for the ol’ shredder.  We have boxes in the basement that I’ll bring to work after the first of the year when we do the mass shredding at work, but I went through the two drawer filing cabinet in our home office that houses my business stuff and pulled out any paid bills, bank statements, expired documents, old client files, etc. to add to the pile.


Sunday November 22nd:  Yet more old (correction – REALLY old) documents my in-laws had saved in a dented strongbox.  Oh, yes, I went through everything to be sure there wasn’t any money in there!  Mostly more bank statements from the 70s and newsletters she had saved.  Trust me – the woman saved EVERYTHING and, (sigh) her son is just like her.  Docs and box (hey, that rhymes!) both went


Three weeks in and lots and lots of ‘stuff’ purged!  I can’t even begin to tell you just how good this feels.  It’s almost euphoric when I toss this junk into the garbage and dumpster.  My house takes a huge breath of relief with every item that I rid from it.  I was talking to the gal who does my nails who, with three kids, is buried in stuff.  I was telling her what I was doing and she said, “I SO need to do that, but I have no idea where to start.”  I’ll tell you all what I told her:  Start small.  Even if it’s one item every day. Yes, that seems like pittance when you have years and years of accumulation, but it’s 30, 60, 90 items less in a 1-3 month span – double or triple that if you toss 1-3 items a day.

Tackle one room, one corner, one closet, one shelf, one drawer – one of something and begin.  Don’t detour off to another area as you may be tempted as the momentum begins to overtake you, especially if you have a lot.  Clean out then re-organize just one drawer.  Then, move to another if you want and do the same.  Then maybe move to a cabinet or under a bed.  Again, start small.  Starting in a basement or garage may be too overwhelming.  Baby steps will lead to small victories.

Now….off to end November strong!


4 thoughts on “November De-Clutter Challenge – Week #3

  1. Woo! I would not have the capacity to go through things every single day. I could handle it in bursts throughout the week, but every day of finding things? I’d find more cool things that I had “forgotten” about than I would be getting rid of, ha! Wishing you motivation and energy to finish the month strong! 🙂

    • Lol! It’s definitely a challenge, Jessica. I did wind up keeping those tobacco advertising tins. And most of the stuff I had already flagged when I did the initial basement clean in June so I’m not (yet) seeking out stuff to toss. Believe me – taking over a house owned by a woman who was a ‘saver’, there’s always something!

  2. I’m so glad you decided to keep those tins-they are so cute. It’s hard I imagine deciding what to toss but you are making great headway very fast! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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