November De-Clutter Challenge – Week #4

Time to wrap this puppy up.  Fourth and final week of purging unnecessary, unused and broken stuff and junk from the house.  Completing this has been an absolute joy, especially as we head into winter here.  It’ll make spring cleaning a whole lot easier.  Then again – maybe I won’t have to!!

After getting through Week #1, Week #2 and Week #3, here’s what I tossed this final week of November:

Declutter Challenge, minimize, simplify

Monday November 23rd:  Is this a sin?  I mean, it’s just a framed print.  Okay, two.  Again, part of my MILs basement junk.  Forgive me, Lord!



Tuesday November 24th:  In that bag is a bunch of broken, damp and yucky junk that was under the tarp (where the plastic chair from Week #3 was).  And some worn, musty chair pads I used outside joined it as well.  Serves me right.  Next summer I’m going to invest in waterproof ones.




Wednesday November 25th:  Another busted leader I found lying around in the garage.  This was the third one I found scattered about.  How the heck they all wound up in different locations is beyond me!  Now it’s in another location – the dumpster!!




Thursday November 26th:  Before heading out for a nice family  Thanksgiving, I set aside yet another pallet (hub needs to stop having equipment delivered to the house!) to toss


Friday November 27th.  Putting together another Goodwill run in the next few weeks and this queen-sized comforted is all washed and ready to go.


As well as these two blue and white Corning-ware serving dishes.


Saturday November 28th.  Just when I thought I had rid the house of every piece of useless cardboard, I come across more.  That seems to be the pattern in this house!



Sunday November 29th.  Ending the week on a light note, albeit ceremonial, by tossing out the last potted geranium.  It still had bright, red blossoms on it that survived the  bursts of cold weather we’ve been getting. Sturdy little suckers.  However, two frosty mornings in a row had it raising the white flag.  Time to go.



Monday November 30th.  Although the start of a new week, it’s the last official day of the month.  I wanted to complete this challenge to the very end.  While rummaging through our office closet, I came across some unopened supplies and desk accessories that have never been touched.  Going to donate these to Goodwill.


And………here’s a collective list of everything that went – wheeee!


Wow – I did it!  I didn’t miss a single day.  Some days I was more enthusiastic than others.  But whether a dead plant or a truck bed full of broken furniture and old clothes it’s no longer IN my house.  As I stated in my Week #3 post, start small so overwhelm does not overtake you.  Tuck a small item into your handbag or load something into the trunk of your car to dispose of everyday.  Every project has to have a starting point, no matter how small the step is compared to the mountain you have to climb.  One, two even five less items every day are small, manageable victories compared to renting a dumpster and spending an entire weekend in your basement in garage.  Get the little stuff out of the way, re-arrange then assess what’s left that you’ll need assistance with.  The job will be much easier.

Thanks for reading along with my de-cluttering journey and wish you success on your similar endeavor!


6 thoughts on “November De-Clutter Challenge – Week #4

  1. Oh but office supplies! Perfectly good paper and folders and…this is where my problem is. “Perfectly good” means it’s usable, and shouldn’t be chucked…which I *know* is wrong, but it’s hard to get over that mindset! I assure you, I’m not a hoarder, but I can definitely see that if something major were to happen in my life, it’d be easy to cross that line, ha!

    • Oh, I know what you mean Jessica. Problem is – they’ve been sitting in our closet unused for a couple of years. I’d rather donate them to Goodwill so someone who really needs them and will use them can have a crack at them. I mean, how many green file folders did my husband think he needed??? LOL

  2. Those white and blue dishes .. I remember those from my childhood. I’ve tweeted about this post (I’m Ferndell B&B) I’d like to mention this post in my next blog post if I can work out how to do it, -if you don’t mind.. My blog is helping me declutter rooms.

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