Year-End Blog Break

Blog vacation

Hello Everyone,

First of all – a big thank you to all who have read, commented and followed this meager blog since it’s humble inception.  This isn’t something I do for money (well, not yet!).  This is an outlet for me to express the challenges, anxieties and successes of trying to balance a job, a business and a home.  I’ve shared productivity advice, planner setups, recipes, household organization, frugal ideas as well as a rant or rave here and there!

I’ve got a list of potential topics to bring to you in the new year but, as a bookkeeper, year end sings a different tune for me.  For the month of January, while others may be making resolutions, setting goals, applying for gym memberships and making 2016 even more awesome than 2015, I’ll be chained to my home office desk, desperately trying to get all of my bookkeeping client work tied up for the year, tracking down tax identification numbers, getting year end reporting to accountants, filing fourth quarter and year end payroll tax returns, printing 1099s and W2s in order to get them all out by the 1/31/16 deadline.

By 2/1/16 I will be ready for an hour massage and facial!

I have blog posts written and scheduled for the next couple of weeks, but effective 12/24/15, The Weekend Wife will be on hiaitus until Bookkeeping-Palooza is done.

I’ll still be posting to my other social media accounts – only blogging will be on hold until I can take a breath and resume early February – so you can still interact with me there.  Please scroll over to the right to where you can find me on Instagram (most of the time!) Twitter and Google +. I’ve got at least 7 post titles set up and ready to go (and hopefully more down the road) and to potentially work on as time permits, but I don’t want to put any pressure on myself during this very crucial time of year for me.

So, for those of you who only follow me here, have a very blessed Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.

See you in 2016!!


5 thoughts on “Year-End Blog Break

  1. Oh boy do I ever empathize. I used to have a small bookkeeping company and carried about 6-7 clients all with payrolls and the same fiscal year end. So that’s why I changed careers!!! I’ll be praying for your sanity and health during this whoopie-ding time of year.

  2. […] Taking January off from trying to keep to a twice-a-week blog schedule took immense pressure off of which allowed me to focus on what was priority.  It was recovery from a hectic December for which I not only embarked on making homemade, edible gifts for the first time, but also the stress of having my phone stolen. However, it also caused me to ponder what direction I want current content to go in or….if I even want The Weekend Wife to go on at all.  I must say that my hiaitus really allowed me to relax and even caused me to reflect upon what kind of interaction I want to have and how often (and where) I want to engage.  Because my blog is nothing but a personal, little place to share various things that work for me (and what doesn’t) while trying to balance a job, a business and a home, I don’t have the stress of driving it full time to make money.  I do this for me and the humble following I have reading. […]

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