Yearly Fold-Out for Pocket-Sized Planner

Annual foldout

By now most of you know that I had downsized to a Filofax Pocket Malden at the beginning of the year and am still going strong.  I even went one step further trying to turn it into my ‘one focused tool’ by eliminating using a companion notebook along with it.  In order to accomplish this, I had to do a little re-arranging as well as play around with inserts and plain paper to get it to take up the dual-job of planner and capture tool.  While doing so, I had designed some custom inserts in Excel – one of them being a yearly calendar.  I had never used one before as I never had use for it, not to mention it didn’t offer enough room to enter any information.  And in a pocket size, that room was cut in half!

Enter video from Kent From Oz (at 1:49) where he shows this very style calendar he made so I cannot take credit for the layout’s original idea, but I did make an attempt to re-create it.  It nicely fits 3 months on each side with ample room in each box.  I haven’t yet figured out what to use it for, but maybe by the new year I’ll figure something out!  However, for all you pocket planner peeps who may want to give this a whirl, I’m offering it here

Just click on the link below which opens up a Microsoft Excel document with two tabs across the bottom – one for the front side, one for the back (you change the months to whatever start date you wish)  The placement of the paper once you print the front side depends upon what type of printer you have.  If you have a laser/ink-jet style printer, it usually pulls the paper from the try to print on the opposite side, so after the front side prints, insert it back into your printer ‘printed side up’ so that it prints on the opposite side.  I printed mine off my office copier that prints on the top side of the paper when it pulls so you may have to do a test print or two.  The second tab for the back side is laid out so that the lines and boxes line up with those on the front (after way too much time fiddling around with the settings!)  as well as leaving enough of a margin for hole punching without cutting into the calendar it self.


Kent From Oz-inspired Yearly Fold-Out Calendar


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