Using Your Planner As A Personal Log

As 2016 came to a close, I already knew I had wanted to make 2017 more meaningful.  Stripping down to the basics, minimizing distractions, simplifying processes and ridding home and mind of clutter became crucial components to my plan for mindful living.  But I also wanted it to be purposeful, to find joy in even the small things, to capture moments in my personal, household and family life that I could recall in an instant.  Although I have a separate journal when I want to get into deeper detail, I found my daily planner becoming a wonderful substitute for logging brief tidbits about my day.  In between the tasks, errands, and appointments, I would sometimes log a little blurb that reflected something other than my schedule.


Evening journaling or morning pages weren’t something that called me to do often.  And most times, when something overcame me enough to write about it I either wasn’t in a convenient place to journal or didn’t have it with me.  And by the time I did, I had either forgotten what it was or that desire to write had waned.  Still, I had wanted to keep some kind of notation of what it was I had thought, felt, endured, succeeded or failed at.

My Filofax Pocket Malden is always with me, so I thought incorporating some personal tidbits, memorabilia, bits & bobs of this & that, etc. would be a way to punch up my non-decorative pages without distracting from my written schedule.  It could be something as little as a flower doodle, a scripture that spoke to me, gratefulness, an achievement, or feeling bogged down by stress.  Other items were little bits of paper, documents, mini lists, etc. that I hole punched and inserted into that specific week.  Here are some examples of how I did this in 2016:

Reflecting on the true meaning of Easter


Visiting an ill family member and some reminders to myself


Travel docs as keepsakes


Grateful for the work progress on our home and for the man responsible!


Travel docs from second visit with mom and dad. And look at that blessing on the 30th!


How I was feeling, post-vacation, on Avery labels and a verse from a song.


And more work done on the house!

Those were just some examples of things I want to log for future remembrance, should I never need to look upon these pages somewhere in the future.  I’ve gotten detailed on some pages, but they were for my eyes only.  By doing this, I don’t feel pressured to journal or stressed over having missed several days in a row because I know I have a mini snapshots within the dated pages of my planner.  It also allows me to incorporate creativity with supplies to give my planner a bit of a spark.

Do you use your planner pages to capture bits and pieces of your day?

Till next time,



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