2017 Plan For Mindful Living

Hello and Happy February!

I hope everyone’s first month of the new year was a successful one as January ushers in the springboard to jump starting new beginnings, goals, intentions, aspirations – whatever it is you call them.  For me, as a bookkeeper, January is synonymous with deadlines, working weekends, following up with clients, purchasing, filling out and filing forms and all that stuff I won’t bore you any more with 🙂

During my year end crunch, I enjoyed time away from social media (mainly posting on Instagram as I rarely check Facebook and have deactivated my Twitter account I barely look at) as well as set boundaries for my phone. I wanted as few distractions as possible in order to focus on not just my work, but to use my disconnect time to figure out what was important to me for this new year and make a solid plan for it.  I’m opting out from making individual month-by-month goals as I don’t want to feel bound to specifics within a certain time frame, but rather wanted to map out an all-encompassing plan for me to live by.  It had to be something not only realistically doable, but mindful.  I wanted to chart a course for 2017 where everything I intended for the main areas of my life was going to enrich my personal growth, add to my purpose, bless me and my family, give me fulfillment and – most of all – provide me with memories and experiences that will never fade.

So, with that in mind, I give you The Weekend Wife’s:


It looks like a lot, but it really is the bare bones essentials of particulars I want to build into the four main areas of my life:

  • Home
  • Health
  • Family
  • Personal

Each branches out into pursuits within that area which I would like to incorporate into my life for the 2017 – and,  hopefully, beyond!  I will also be dedicating a blog post to each individual area where I plan to go into detail as to how I will be working towards implementing them.  You’ll notice that I left out ‘Work’.  That area of my life is already established with my Monday – Friday 8-4pm job along with my part time bookkeeping business.  Work is mandatory until such a time I can be a full-time lady of leisure 🙂  Until then, the other four areas must be cultivated around my work life.  That means weeding out, chewing down and just plain eliminating anything that does feed and nurture my plan in order to make room for that which does.

What is it they say – admitting it is half the solution?  Well, I like to think that the above ‘Mind’ful Map is strategizing the battle.  Bringing it to fruition is what I’ll be fighting for and accomplishing it is winning the war.

Okay, enough dopey metaphors for now.  Time to get things rolling.

Till next time 🙂



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