How To Craft A ‘Meaningful Day’

There is a popular regime known as The Miracle Morning which encourages individuals to establish a morning routine that would result in a more productive day.  When I had first read about it a year ago, I loved the concept and even decided to take it for a spin by starting my morning off with the the recommended S.A.V.E.R.S (silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, read, scribe)  Although I’m a firm believer in a morning routine, I had found it difficult incorporating steps that I didn’t feel would have an impact on the remainder of my day.  And, I have to admit, I felt a bit silly reciting how great my day was going to be or how awesome I’m going to be at work – lol!  But that’s just me.  I realized I was more comfortable with a routine that consisted of steps I designed which fell in line with my plan for mindful living as well as my personal and professional schedule.

Although morning-time is the launch site for my day’s journey, I knew I wouldn’t be able to cram in what I aspire to accomplish before leaving for the office at 7:30 a.m.  So rather than follow an established ‘miracle morning’, I reflected upon what I needed to have a Meaningful Day.


As hard as I tried (really, I put WAY too much time into it!) I could not come up with steps where the first letters would spell some awesome zen-word.  As a bookkeeper I’m more of a numbers than letters person – 🙂  After giving up, I realized it wasn’t as important as the steps itself.  And part of mindful living is to weed out unnecessary time wasters and what I learned from this is:  Anagrams = TIME SUCK!

Now that we’ve settled that matter, here are the components I came up with to have a ‘Meaningful Day’:

Outline my day.  I usually do this the night before as it affords me a little extra time in the morning.  First thing I do is open my planner to see what’s on the agenda for the next day.  I then transfer over my schedule to a daily page.  This is where I work off of the remainder of the day.  Tasks, errands, appointments, grocery lists, what I’m making for supper, what shows we’re going to watch On Demand with supper, etc. gets written down, looked at often and eventually checked off.  No matter how small (sewing on a button, packing a sponge to bring to the office, photo receipt for Ibotta rebate), if it needs to be part of your day, write it down.  My daily pages also act as a mini-diary to look back on to see what I did and when

Inform my mind. I spend between 15-30 min. after waking during the work week checking the weather for the day (winter in CT can be single digits one day and spring-like temps the next!) and my news app for anything that may have transpired in the world while I was asleep.  I mean, if a massive virus was leaked causing an instantaneous zombie apocolypse during the night, I’d like to know about it before I head out the door so I have time to pack my Samurai sword hanging over the fireplace!

Nourish my body.  Inside and out.  From those who follow me in Instagram and here, you know that I’ve been following a fitness and nutrition regime since last June.  Feeding my body well, losing excess fat and increasing lean body mass has been essential towards my path towards looking and feeling my best, but also being on the offensive to prevent the hereditary diabetes that plagues my family

Feed my spirit. Joshua 1:8  ‘Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.’  Daily scripture reading – whether several chapters or just a verse – is food for my spirit and sets the tone of how I want to carry myself for the remainder of the day.  My desire is to live in a manner so that my conduct and character mesh.

Connect with my family  My parents and siblings all live out of state.  As some of you know from reading here, my parents are elderly (mom is 86 and dad will be 90 in June), albeit in pretty decent shape.  I speak to mom and dad at least once a day and visit them twice a year.  I also aim to either call or text my brother and sister at least once a week.  With every new year I’m besieged with thoughts as to whether it will be my last with one of my parents.  So when a call from my mom comes in for the third time that day, I don’t roll my eyes, but rather consider myself extremely blessed to still be able to hear their voices.

Engage with my connections.  I’ve weeded out a lot of places I visit on the ‘net as well as unsubscribed from lists, blogs and groups that bogged me down.  What I was left with were platforms I enjoy and use on a daily basis, leaving me with more time to engage more on them.  It’s nice to get a ‘like’, but I really enjoy commenting or giving feedback on an IG/blog post/Youtube video that either really speaks to me or find incredibly helpful.

Document my day.  Find something – anything – about the day you have just lived and breathed and record it somewhere.  Whether you churn out several morning pages in a leather-bound journal, use a planner with dated inserts or have one of those spiral bound calendars with cats and dogs in funny poses taped on the side of the fridge, take a moment to reflect on the last 12 hours and glean something from it – good or not so good – and document it.  Use it as encouragement for a day well done or a kick in the backside to do better tomorrow.

What would be your components to have a Meaningful Day?

Till next time 🙂



7 thoughts on “How To Craft A ‘Meaningful Day’

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been working to establish routines myself as I feel like I’m all over the place. Focusing on why I’m doing what I’m doing and the purpose of it will definitely help me slow down and engage more with what I’m doing. I look forward to using this as a starting point for adding more meaning to my day. Thank you!

    • I felt that way when I was trying to follow someone elses prescribed routine, especially if it was a popular fad that made you feel like you had to jump in on it. Doing my own thing is less stressful!

  2. Well you know I’m going to say that this is fabulous..more than that really…Iv seen
    you grown so much over time and just love and admire you consistency more so that you are true to you and your needs… got this girl! And you keep going……always food for thought and always inspiring thank you

  3. This is a refreshing mindset! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas! I have only recently found your blog and I’m so grateful I did. And, as a fellow CT dweller, the swings in the weather can be killer!!

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