Hey there. I’m Elena and welcome to my blog.

I’m a bookkeeper by profession who works a full-time job and runs a part-time business.  Two years ago my work/life balance had gotten severely out of whack as I was working almost (7) days a week between, leaving little or – at times – no time for my home and personal life.  My house went weeks without being cleaned, supper was whatever protein fell out of the freezer before rushing out to the office at 7:30 every morning and time with my husband beyond the hour and a half of television weekday evenings while we ate supper was severely limited.

But it wasn’t until last summer that I had decided to take control and learn to balance both parts of my life.  My part-time business affords me to work from my home office – and my clients know that.  That meant answering emails and taking phone calls on evenings, weekends, holidays even when hub and I spent [gasp!]an entire Saturday together outside the house.  I had allowed it.  I had enabled them.  And the only way I was going to establish control before I spent yet another summer glued barricaded in my home office every weekend was to 1) establish a schedule and 2) set firm boundaries.

It took some time, but I figured it out and stuck to my guns.  I lost one client and cut two loose, but it was okay.  The lost income wasn’t worth the stress and anxiety.  I gained it back in sanity where a clear head allowed me to concentrate on getting the types of clients to fit MY schedule and lifestyle rather than taking on anyone just to make a buck.  I was burning out.  It wasn’t good.

I’m big on productivity and have learned the hard way that multi-tasking doesn’t get more done in less time.  It had only left me with 5 half-finished projects rather than (2) fully completed ones.  I learned to manage my time more efficiently by enlisting the help of productive tools to assist me in staying on track.

I don’t have the answer to every problem as everyone’s work/life needs differ, but this blog is just a glimpse of what I’ve tried, what worked and what failed along my path to maintaining the precious balance between my work and home life.  Hopefully, you’ll find something that may interest or help you.  I’d love to hear about it 🙂

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!