How To Effectively Consign For Passive Income


I fondly remember my first experience with a consignment store.  It was in the early 90’s and a girlfriend and I (whom I was working part-time nights with at a clothing store with 40%  employee discounts!) had taken a ride to one that was being mercilessly advertised on the radio.  We destashed our closets of clothes (erm, some still with price tags on them), shoes, handbags, etc. and brought them there.  A month later, we both gasped at the check being handed to us.

Consigning still-in-good-condition clothes, accessories and home goods is a great way to find passive income. And let’s face it – no one will turn away an opportunity for that.  Part of finding balance for me is to begin getting out from under ‘stuff’ that has been suffocating my closets, shelves and drawers. Although there are other options such as Craigslist, eBay and tag sales, I much prefer consignment stores as I don’t have to worry about posting photos, check bidding wars, boxing up and shipping or haggling with someone over a price.  I make an appointment, walk in with my stuff, hand it over and walk out.

So set aside an hour or two to go through closets, drawers, basement, garage – wherever – and be prepared to let go.  Yes, let go.  If it still has a price tag on it or if you haven’t worn it since the last election and it’s in good condition, well….why are you hanging onto it?  Pare down your belongings, simplify your space and make some quick cash.  Here are some basic consigning guidelines for a successful experienceRead More »

Frugal Tip – Detergent Caps

Hey everyone.  Today’s tip comes courtesy of my almost-85 year old mother.  I know what you’re thinking.  Detergent caps?  Huh?  What?

Twice a year  I visit my parents (who live in Florida) .  I can’t say how much money my mom hoards in the checking account, but let’s just say that the woman can afford to buy whatever she wants.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the medicine cabinet and found her inventive way to re-purpose the large-barreled detergent bottle caps.










Not haute decor, but kept in the medicine cabinet or a drawer to separate different toiletry items, they make pretty good dividers.

Thanks, mom.  You’re a genius!

Frugal Tip – Request Coupons For Products You Love

Purchasing brand names at the grocery store is not mandatory for me.  As a matter of fact, some of the store brand products are just as good – as well as cheaper – than the manufacturer.  However, there are some major brands that hub and I use/enjoy to which the store/generic brand just don’t compare.  And, as a couponer, I loathe, detest, despise – and, in some cases – refuse to pay full price for something.  And if it isn’t on sale and/or I don’t at least have a coupon under .99 (which automatically double in my two major grocery stores) to offset the full cost, it makes me ill.

So what happens when coupons for products we frequently use are few and far between?

Request CouponsRead More »

Not-So-Extreme Couponing



extreme couponing


If you’ve even seen Extreme Couponing, then you know the drill.  An individual who is addicted (and I use that term lightly) to clipping coupons in an attempt to spend hundreds of dollars at the grocery store and walk away only paying about $15 (and in some cases, even that’s too much!) We watch them lift newspapers off their neighbor’s front porches, have their children go door-to-door and even dumpster dive for discarded coupon inserts.  I even saw one woman who worked at a car dealership wait until after hours to print off multiple coupons from her co-workers work stations (because they allow 2 coupons to be printed per ISP).  With 8 work stations that 16 coupons she can get for the same item.

But it’s when they finally get to the store that my eyes start to roll. Read More »