Ringing In Spring!

I began writing this post on 3/14/16 – a full week prior to the official first day of spring.  Though I’m certainly not complaining, where the heck did winter go??  But being in the nor’east means I’m not immune to Mother Nature’s cruel personality disorder as March 21st isn’t technically the end of the ‘white stuff’.  I remember my mom bundling me up and dragging me to my sister’s house after my oldest nephew was born mid-April during a snowstorm back in the 70’s.

I may not be ready to break out the planters, landscape fencing, mulch and picnic table umbrella, but after finally taking down the Christmas lights yesterday ( before we became the scourge of the neighborhood) and finally getting over a chest cold that had lingered since early February, I’m ready (and so are my hostas below!) to begin prepping my home and yard (and me!) for outdoor weather.

Ringing In Spring

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Ways To Use Your Planner’s A-Z Tabs

In this post I explained how I was able to successfully downsize my planner from a personal to a pocket-sized Filofax Malden ringed binder.  Since A-Z tabs had always been a crucial part of my early planning days, I decided to bring that component back using A-Z labels I printed and stuck over the dividers that came with the planner that were labeled 1-6 instead.

Since my pocket planner also doubles as my wallet, it’s become twice the workhorse at half the size.  It only holds what does not or rarely changes while my bullet journal takes up the chore of housing daily pages, project management, idea mapping, menu planning, ever-changing lists and tasks.  This enables me to keep the pocket limited to only (5) main components: Wallet, calendar, reference (A-Z), receipt holder and spending log.  And those tabs are get double-duty as well, storing more than just contacts.

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Frugal Tip – Detergent Caps

Hey everyone.  Today’s tip comes courtesy of my almost-85 year old mother.  I know what you’re thinking.  Detergent caps?  Huh?  What?

Twice a year  I visit my parents (who live in Florida) .  I can’t say how much money my mom hoards in the checking account, but let’s just say that the woman can afford to buy whatever she wants.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the medicine cabinet and found her inventive way to re-purpose the large-barreled detergent bottle caps.










Not haute decor, but kept in the medicine cabinet or a drawer to separate different toiletry items, they make pretty good dividers.

Thanks, mom.  You’re a genius!

When Laundry Can’t Sort Itself

laundry basket

I’m sure this isn’t a household hack worthy of some kind of productivity award, but it quickly came to me last week when I was folding laundry.

It’s just hub and myself so there’s three different types of laundry in the hamper:

  • My clothes
  • His clothes
  • Linens/towels

I used to pull everything out of the dryer, fold and stack in a big, white laundry basket that stays on top of the dryer.  Then, when it’s finally stacked so high with folded clothes that rolled up socks are toppling off and into the trash pail on the side of the dryer, I put everything away.  I hoist the basket and carry it length-wise so I can fit through the narrow entry way from the mudroom to the kitchen, down the hall and plop it on the bed.  Then, since our stuff is mixed together, that’s where the real fun begins. /sarcasm/Read More »

Un-Stuff Your Wallet

As part of my uber-plan to uber-organize and keep only what is necessary in the most efficient place possible, I decided to tackle the big bulge in my wallet.  No, not from all the money I’m saving from couponing and dealing hunting – but from the massive stack of cards.

They aren’t even credit cards (I have only one – yes, one – and I don’t even carry it with me).  I have a vast collection of ‘rewards’ cards from various supermarkets, department stores, boutiques, salons, restaurants, supply houses – even a chocolatier  (you think I was going to pass up a chance to get a free truffle from Godiva every month??)  They’re useful.  They save me money.  They get me free stuff when I’ve earned enough ‘reward’ points.  But my collection had grown out of control to where I didn’t have enough slots in my wallet to fit them all, thus having to stack them in the middle section of my wallet, resulting in an unsightly bulge when I closed my wallet shut.

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