Planner Boredom vs. Consistency

I’m breaking away from my Mindful Living posts as I felt a strong urge to write this.  As most of you know, I’ve been using a Filofax Pocket Malden as my main planner since January 2016.  I may have added a companion notebook to the mix now and then, but have never switched out the planner itself since then.  Oh, I’ve thought about it – many, many times. mainly because, from time to time, I craved a bit more room. Others like to do so to keep things fresh, change up with the seasons or simply as a way to give the number of planners in their collection equal time.  Or maybe all those delicious planner accounts you religiously follow hypnotize you into thinking it’s time for a change out of plain ol’ boredom.  But, as what kept me from switching, is the change worth the cost of retaining consistency?

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June For The ‘Win’!!

As we embark upon the 2nd half of the year (omg, I can’t believe I just wrote that when I can still taste the pizza rolls and jalapeno poppers hub and I ate New Years Eve!), I’m already seeing bloggers recapping, reviewing, reminiscing over their January – June wins and losses, failures and successes, trials and triumphs.  But for me, the month of June had been the most productive, satisfying and successful.


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Stop, Drop & Savor Each Moment

On April 8th I took an online break of sorts.  I had a lot of household, personal and family stuff going on and needed to stop, re-assess and get my priorities in order.  Though I was still casually perusing and commenting as I felt so inclined, I had refrained from posting photos to IG and articles on my blog as well as tapped down on how much time I was spending on YouTube.  My viewing history there was proof of why growth in other areas of my life had stunted and boxed me into a corner.

What was happening on the home-front made me realize even more just how precious and short time really is.  That every moment counts.  I needed to capture these moments as they happened, expand my pursuits, tighten my boundaries and make use of those back-burners.  I had to realize that ‘tomorrow is another day’ for what wasn’t truly important and reserve ‘today’ for what truly was.

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When Life Whispers, “Take A Break”

There’s a saying by Pastor Chuck Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it.”  Right now, I feel as if 110% is raining down upon me with 0% chance of clearing up.  As much as I try to balance all the facets of my life, not even the most talented juggler can control when someone tosses in 5 extra bowling pins or plates to spin around.

A lot has hit at once – personally, financially, family and household.  I’ve given myself over to the fact that my husband and I cannot get through all of this by ourselves.  We need God’s intervention to not only guide us through it and give us wisdom to make necessary choices, but also to provide us with a sense of calm and peace knowing that we’re under his care.  Together, the three of us will weather this temporary storm.

In order to dedicate more of my time to what matters most, I’ll not only be suspending my blog for the remainder of April, but will also be detatching from social media ( mainly Instagram and Google+ where I’m most active as TWW is not on Twitter or FB).  During this time, I will not be putting out any posts or content.  Not only do I have to handle various issues that have arisen, but I also need some serious down-time to get back in-touch with myself.  My hope and prayer is to get through all of this victoriously and return in May with what I’ve discovered.

Thank you all, take care, be well and…..till next time 🙂


Blog Break Reflection

Blog Break Reflections

Well, hello to February!

So glad you’re here because January really kicked me hard in the backside and I need to hit the reset button. Between client bookkeeping deadlines for year end tax work and coming down with a chest cold that really sapped whatever energy I had left, I’m ready to say goodbye to the first month of the year as I look forward to good things I have planned for my home and myself.

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Year-End Blog Break

Blog vacation

Hello Everyone,

First of all – a big thank you to all who have read, commented and followed this meager blog since it’s humble inception.  This isn’t something I do for money (well, not yet!).  This is an outlet for me to express the challenges, anxieties and successes of trying to balance a job, a business and a home.  I’ve shared productivity advice, planner setups, recipes, household organization, frugal ideas as well as a rant or rave here and there!

I’ve got a list of potential topics to bring to you in the new year but, as a bookkeeper, year end sings a different tune for me.  For the month of January, while others may be making resolutions, setting goals, applying for gym memberships and making 2016 even more awesome than 2015, I’ll be chained to my home office desk, desperately trying to get all of my bookkeeping client work tied up for the year, tracking down tax identification numbers, getting year end reporting to accountants, filing fourth quarter and year end payroll tax returns, printing 1099s and W2s in order to get them all out by the 1/31/16 deadline.

By 2/1/16 I will be ready for an hour massage and facial!

I have blog posts written and scheduled for the next couple of weeks, but effective 12/24/15, The Weekend Wife will be on hiaitus until Bookkeeping-Palooza is done.

I’ll still be posting to my other social media accounts – only blogging will be on hold until I can take a breath and resume early February – so you can still interact with me there.  Please scroll over to the right to where you can find me on Instagram (most of the time!) Twitter and Google +. I’ve got at least 7 post titles set up and ready to go (and hopefully more down the road) and to potentially work on as time permits, but I don’t want to put any pressure on myself during this very crucial time of year for me.

So, for those of you who only follow me here, have a very blessed Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.

See you in 2016!!

An Open Letter To The Person Who Took My iPhone

On Tuesday, December 15th, after leaving the Goodwill store on my lunch hour, I came back to the office and realized my cell phone was not on me.  Or in my car.  I knew I had it on me in the store and recollect having put it down on a shelf in the book aisle so that I could have both hands free.  I ran right back down the street, into the store and down the aisle to find it not there. Nor turned in.  It was taken.

Below is an account of what I had gone through over the course of 3.5 hours in an open letter to the individual who took my phone.

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The Article That Catapulted My Planner Journey

Let’s set the scene.

The year was 1995.  Where I was working at the time, we were still using DOS system and pin-feed printers (the kind that you feed green and white striped perforated paper into).  We had just gotten a shiny, pretty (translation: modern) computer where we installed this accounting software called QuickBooks and the bookkeeper in me had panicked because I didn’t know how to use it (today, I’m now a certified pro advisor, but I digress).  The internet was still a baby, I had a ‘car’ phone that came in a black case and plugged into my lighter.  Cell phones the size of credit cards that can house a plethora of mobile apps were most likely a speckle deep in the crevices of Steve Jobs’ brain.  Yes, we’re talking about the good ol’ days when ‘text’ was considered typed content –  on paper – , sending messages and documents required an envelope and postage, a phone call was the quickest way to get a hold of someone and people sitting across from each other in a restaurant actually ‘talked’ to each other.  There was no Hulu, Tivo or OnDemand so if I didn’t watch Melrose Place live on Monday’s at 9pm I was screwed until the repeats.

Oh, and my monthly subscription to Mademoiselle Magazine was delivered to my mail box, not my inbox.  I looked forward to each and every issue and greedily devoured articles.  Especially one particular one.

That set me on my planner journey path.

Article That Catapulted My Planner Journey

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Finding My Niche

A hard lesson I’ve recently (re)learned is to stop trying to force something that isn’t meant to be.  To not emulate, replicate or duplicate.

I’ve been married for 19 years to a good man and have no children.  Because of this, I had the flexibility to start my own bookkeeping business back in 2006 while still working my full time job.

And after 9 years, I’m still doing both.

Is this failure or my niche?


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