Making My Planner Accessible To Others

Here I wrote about how the month of June was such a successful blessing to me.  But as soon as July rolled around the corner – 7/5/16 to be exact – I had been sent into a medical tailspin that all started with a massive migraine, stiff neck and mysterious red rash around my neck.  One trip to urgent care, 2 trips to the ER, 4 visits to my primary doctor, 1 visit to a neurologist, CAT scan, ultrasound, lumbar puncture, 3 blood tests, a ‘possible’ diagnosis for Lyme Disease and several different meds that only led to other issues instead of treating my initial malady had stolen time, peace and sanity from life for two weeks straight.  Although I wasn’t in any way convalescent or unable to communicate, my recouperative down-time had me contemplating how my husband would be able to either retrieve information or find any pertinent notes in either my planner or bullet journal should I ever be in that position.  I know my setup and what goes where, but exactly how accessible is it to someone in the event of an emergency?


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June For The ‘Win’!!

As we embark upon the 2nd half of the year (omg, I can’t believe I just wrote that when I can still taste the pizza rolls and jalapeno poppers hub and I ate New Years Eve!), I’m already seeing bloggers recapping, reviewing, reminiscing over their January – June wins and losses, failures and successes, trials and triumphs.  But for me, the month of June had been the most productive, satisfying and successful.


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Featured on Philofaxy


This is the second time the wonderful Steve Morton of Philofaxy has featured me in an article on his site.  The first time was this Under The Spotlight article that appeared last September when I was still using my Franklin Covey Classic Planner.

I have since downsized two sizes since then – happily and successfully using a Filofax Pocket Malden as my planner/wallet combo and companioning it with a bullet journal to take up the brunt end of the daily details.  You can read all about how I utilize this system in the Experienced User post over on the Philofaxy website that was featured on 6/19/16

Happy reading & planning!



The Beauty of Keeping It Simple

I was never one to look back and reflect upon how things started at the beginning of the year and compare to where I am now.  But I had made 2016 the year I was going to be more mindful of things.  In order to focus on what was important throughout my day, I had to weed out the distractions.  I did it by keeping things simple.

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Stop, Drop & Savor Each Moment

On April 8th I took an online break of sorts.  I had a lot of household, personal and family stuff going on and needed to stop, re-assess and get my priorities in order.  Though I was still casually perusing and commenting as I felt so inclined, I had refrained from posting photos to IG and articles on my blog as well as tapped down on how much time I was spending on YouTube.  My viewing history there was proof of why growth in other areas of my life had stunted and boxed me into a corner.

What was happening on the home-front made me realize even more just how precious and short time really is.  That every moment counts.  I needed to capture these moments as they happened, expand my pursuits, tighten my boundaries and make use of those back-burners.  I had to realize that ‘tomorrow is another day’ for what wasn’t truly important and reserve ‘today’ for what truly was.

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When Life Whispers, “Take A Break”

There’s a saying by Pastor Chuck Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you handle it.”  Right now, I feel as if 110% is raining down upon me with 0% chance of clearing up.  As much as I try to balance all the facets of my life, not even the most talented juggler can control when someone tosses in 5 extra bowling pins or plates to spin around.

A lot has hit at once – personally, financially, family and household.  I’ve given myself over to the fact that my husband and I cannot get through all of this by ourselves.  We need God’s intervention to not only guide us through it and give us wisdom to make necessary choices, but also to provide us with a sense of calm and peace knowing that we’re under his care.  Together, the three of us will weather this temporary storm.

In order to dedicate more of my time to what matters most, I’ll not only be suspending my blog for the remainder of April, but will also be detatching from social media ( mainly Instagram and Google+ where I’m most active as TWW is not on Twitter or FB).  During this time, I will not be putting out any posts or content.  Not only do I have to handle various issues that have arisen, but I also need some serious down-time to get back in-touch with myself.  My hope and prayer is to get through all of this victoriously and return in May with what I’ve discovered.

Thank you all, take care, be well and…..till next time 🙂


Working a Cleaning Routine

There was a time when I was at the height of my part-time bookkeeping business, juggling about a dozen monthly remote clients while also working a full time job where certain things had to take the back burner.  One of those things was the house cleaning.  Even though I’ve cut my client list down, the last thing I wanted to do with a free Saturday or Sunday was clean the house.  I needed to implement some type of schedule to spread it out over the course of the week. .

Cleaning Chart1

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How I Plan Weekly Meals

I think I have gotten either less spontaneous or too anal (in a detailed way!) as the years have gone by.  However, my idea of spontaneity is hub and I getting an 8pm craving, throwing coats on over our jammies and heading to Carvel.  It certainly isn’t deciding what to bring for breakfast and lunch to work as well as what to make for dinner that evening as I’m pretty much ready to head out the door for the office.  That usually resulted in either a hastily thrown-together meal, leftover appetizers from New Year’s Eve or take-out. I needed to consider a weekly plan.  Here’s what I came up with.

Meal Plan

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Ringing In Spring!

I began writing this post on 3/14/16 – a full week prior to the official first day of spring.  Though I’m certainly not complaining, where the heck did winter go??  But being in the nor’east means I’m not immune to Mother Nature’s cruel personality disorder as March 21st isn’t technically the end of the ‘white stuff’.  I remember my mom bundling me up and dragging me to my sister’s house after my oldest nephew was born mid-April during a snowstorm back in the 70’s.

I may not be ready to break out the planters, landscape fencing, mulch and picnic table umbrella, but after finally taking down the Christmas lights yesterday ( before we became the scourge of the neighborhood) and finally getting over a chest cold that had lingered since early February, I’m ready (and so are my hostas below!) to begin prepping my home and yard (and me!) for outdoor weather.

Ringing In Spring

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Ways To Use Your Planner’s A-Z Tabs

In this post I explained how I was able to successfully downsize my planner from a personal to a pocket-sized Filofax Malden ringed binder.  Since A-Z tabs had always been a crucial part of my early planning days, I decided to bring that component back using A-Z labels I printed and stuck over the dividers that came with the planner that were labeled 1-6 instead.

Since my pocket planner also doubles as my wallet, it’s become twice the workhorse at half the size.  It only holds what does not or rarely changes while my bullet journal takes up the chore of housing daily pages, project management, idea mapping, menu planning, ever-changing lists and tasks.  This enables me to keep the pocket limited to only (5) main components: Wallet, calendar, reference (A-Z), receipt holder and spending log.  And those tabs are get double-duty as well, storing more than just contacts.

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