Go-To Outfits

I’ve never been an outfit planner.  Unless a special occasion was coming up and I needed to lock down what I had to wear (or had to buy to wear), I always selected what to wear during the work week just as I was about to get dressed.  Sometimes it was easy.  Other times…….don’t ask.  I would have my heart set on wearing a certain top, only to reach for it in the closet, then remember it was in the laundry.  Or the weather was ‘in flux’ and I didn’t have that ‘in between’ outfit.  Or it was one of ‘those’ days and I didn’t even want to look at my jeans.

I’m awake at 5:30, up by 6 then want to be ready in order to spend some time at my desk planning my day before having to leave for the office no later than 7:40.  I try to shave as much time as possible off my morning routine by having my breakfast and lunch prepped the night before to pack in my lunch bag (too early to eat breakfast before leaving) and put my hair up every-other-day to save styling time.  But a well-prepped and productive morning routine could come crashing down as soon as I open my closet doors.  So I decided to put together about 3-5 go-to outfits for those mornings when I can’t decide.

Fashion, morning routine, time management

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