How I Successfully Downsized My Planner

As I had mentioned in my Blog Break Reflection post, one of my main goals for 2016 was to evaluate not just my planning system, but my planner itself.  At the time, I had been using my Franklin Covey Polka Dot since November. After adding sections, customizing inserts and stuffing in so much that I could be stranded on a desert island and still have everything I need, I realized that I had gone overboard (no pun intended!).  I needed to toss all the irrelevant stuff and go back to basics.  To streamline the process and rid myself of the additional weight I had added to it and keep only what I absolutely, truly need.  In order for me to do that, I realized that I had not only needed to downsize the contents, but the container itself.  Heads up – lots of photos and links to past posts follow!

Downsized planner

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The Article That Catapulted My Planner Journey

Let’s set the scene.

The year was 1995.  Where I was working at the time, we were still using DOS system and pin-feed printers (the kind that you feed green and white striped perforated paper into).  We had just gotten a shiny, pretty (translation: modern) computer where we installed this accounting software called QuickBooks and the bookkeeper in me had panicked because I didn’t know how to use it (today, I’m now a certified pro advisor, but I digress).  The internet was still a baby, I had a ‘car’ phone that came in a black case and plugged into my lighter.  Cell phones the size of credit cards that can house a plethora of mobile apps were most likely a speckle deep in the crevices of Steve Jobs’ brain.  Yes, we’re talking about the good ol’ days when ‘text’ was considered typed content –  on paper – , sending messages and documents required an envelope and postage, a phone call was the quickest way to get a hold of someone and people sitting across from each other in a restaurant actually ‘talked’ to each other.  There was no Hulu, Tivo or OnDemand so if I didn’t watch Melrose Place live on Monday’s at 9pm I was screwed until the repeats.

Oh, and my monthly subscription to Mademoiselle Magazine was delivered to my mail box, not my inbox.  I looked forward to each and every issue and greedily devoured articles.  Especially one particular one.

That set me on my planner journey path.

Article That Catapulted My Planner Journey

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Not all Productivity Advice Is Built The Same

I’m all about getting the most out of my day so being productive with my time is very important to me having a balanced life.  I follow various productivity blogs and sites because I’m not above a good idea or advice.  I’m always learning and on the lookout for functional and effective processes.  But just because an expert touts a method to manage your day/tasks/calendar doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone.  We all have different lives, different means and different schedules.  What may work for a stay-at-home mom may not work for a single working woman.  And when we’re looking for the next best way to manage our time and get more done, we sometimes can get bogged down downloading and testing out a myriad of apps or systems that are not right for our lifestyle, only to have them end up being abandoned.

Until the next new thing comes along.

Productivity Advice

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