Frugal Tip – Request Coupons For Products You Love

Purchasing brand names at the grocery store is not mandatory for me.  As a matter of fact, some of the store brand products are just as good – as well as cheaper – than the manufacturer.  However, there are some major brands that hub and I use/enjoy to which the store/generic brand just don’t compare.  And, as a couponer, I loathe, detest, despise – and, in some cases – refuse to pay full price for something.  And if it isn’t on sale and/or I don’t at least have a coupon under .99 (which automatically double in my two major grocery stores) to offset the full cost, it makes me ill.

So what happens when coupons for products we frequently use are few and far between?

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Not-So-Extreme Couponing



extreme couponing


If you’ve even seen Extreme Couponing, then you know the drill.  An individual who is addicted (and I use that term lightly) to clipping coupons in an attempt to spend hundreds of dollars at the grocery store and walk away only paying about $15 (and in some cases, even that’s too much!) We watch them lift newspapers off their neighbor’s front porches, have their children go door-to-door and even dumpster dive for discarded coupon inserts.  I even saw one woman who worked at a car dealership wait until after hours to print off multiple coupons from her co-workers work stations (because they allow 2 coupons to be printed per ISP).  With 8 work stations that 16 coupons she can get for the same item.

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