Ways To Use Your Planner’s A-Z Tabs

In this post I explained how I was able to successfully downsize my planner from a personal to a pocket-sized Filofax Malden ringed binder.  Since A-Z tabs had always been a crucial part of my early planning days, I decided to bring that component back using A-Z labels I printed and stuck over the dividers that came with the planner that were labeled 1-6 instead.

Since my pocket planner also doubles as my wallet, it’s become twice the workhorse at half the size.  It only holds what does not or rarely changes while my bullet journal takes up the chore of housing daily pages, project management, idea mapping, menu planning, ever-changing lists and tasks.  This enables me to keep the pocket limited to only (5) main components: Wallet, calendar, reference (A-Z), receipt holder and spending log.  And those tabs are get double-duty as well, storing more than just contacts.

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Don’t Toss That Receipt!



As a minimalist, I’m prone to something my semi-hoarding hub loathes.  I toss stuff out.  I’m not just talking garbage, but, like, mail before I even open it.  Oh, I know it’s junk, but he doesn’t think it is.  He saves EVERTHING – even the envelopes after he open’s something.  If I didn’t toss stuff out behind his back our home would be a candidate for Hoarders.

And, until last summer, I had been the same with receipts.  Whether I paid cash, debit or credit, once I had the merchandise home, unbagged and stored the receipt got tossed.  The only receipts that got a longer life expectancy were for clothing purchases because I don’t try on stuff at the store.  But once I got home, put it on, give it the okay, rip off the tags and hang it up the receipt is history.  But that has all changed as I’m beginning to treat these precious little pieces of paper as a monitor of not only my spending habits, but to track past pricing and even take advantage of the little Easter eggs they provide waaaay at the bottom.

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