When Laundry Can’t Sort Itself

laundry basket

I’m sure this isn’t a household hack worthy of some kind of productivity award, but it quickly came to me last week when I was folding laundry.

It’s just hub and myself so there’s three different types of laundry in the hamper:

  • My clothes
  • His clothes
  • Linens/towels

I used to pull everything out of the dryer, fold and stack in a big, white laundry basket that stays on top of the dryer.  Then, when it’s finally stacked so high with folded clothes that rolled up socks are toppling off and into the trash pail on the side of the dryer, I put everything away.  I hoist the basket and carry it length-wise so I can fit through the narrow entry way from the mudroom to the kitchen, down the hall and plop it on the bed.  Then, since our stuff is mixed together, that’s where the real fun begins. /sarcasm/Read More »

Stock Up Your Office Pantry

If you’re like me and work outside the home and are fortunate enough to have an office with a kitchen area, then you have a great resource to keep your energy and metabolism up during the day, keep unhealthy snacking to a minimum and save money by having not having to purchase your afternoon meal.

Bringing lunch is one option.  A lot of us pack a sandwich, salad or leftovers from last night’s dinner in a Tupperware for our lunch the next day.  But think about it – we’re (well, I am at least!) at the office 8-9 hours a day.  And during stressful, busy times of the year ( much like I have) you’re going to need more than just a sandwich or a salad to fuel your body, keep your mind sharp and your metabolism revving all day, especially if you’re sitting for a good majority of it.Read More »