Living In An App World, And I’m An Analogue Girl


Being a paper planner girl doesn’t mean I’m immune to the pull of apps.  After all, I have a sweet iPhone 6+ (well, when the internet connection isn’t crapping out that I have to restart it three times a day it’s sweet) where I now have the storage to download certain apps that my previous 4G (pictured above) could not. Although I do not utilize task/list/schedule apps to manage my day, there are some that I have succumbed to either to compliment my Franklin Covey A5 planner, assist with shopping, business networking or are for just plain enjoyment.  I’m sure my list is virginal compared to those of you who have swipe after swipe after swipe of apps on your home screen.  The minimalist in me begins to freak when half of the 2nd page starts to fill up.  That’s when I start deleting.  Then re-downloading, until I finally sat down and made a list of what I absolutely positively needed and would actually use on my phone as opposed to what I’m more comfortable navigating on a desktop.

First, a mention of the standard apps that came with the phone that I love:Read More »